Old is Gold


Wren recently celebrated his 3rd birthday and received lots of gifts. He was of course very excited by this and loved all of his toys… for about a day! It got me thinking about modern toys and why they don’t keep our kids interested. I am constantly amazed by how far things have come from when I was a kid collecting toys. However, research has shown that bright toys with lots to offer do not stimulate children the way traditional toys do. WHAAAAAAT?!?! I hear you, that was my reaction too. So, I decided to research this.



It turns out that wooden toys which I would have thought would grow old fast, are actually more stimulating for the brain and therefore have lasted the test of time. Retailers have taken a lot of these toys and modernised them in simple ways to make them more appealing to todays generation of children.

The abacus is an example of an old toy that I had as a young child that is still being sold today. OYOY is a retailer that has added its own modern twist on the abacus by using soft pastel colours and gold toned hardware. This gives it a modern look but the function of the toy itself remains unchanged. There is also a brand that we stock, Ooh Noo, that offers other wooden toys such as building blocks and cars that are not only fun to play with but also eco-friendly. These have all proved to be popular since we decided to stock them on the website.

The benefits of keeping it traditional

So what are the benefits that have given these traditional toys the staying power?

  • These toys aid sensory development through the simple design. Modern toys are often bright in colour and have lots of buttons and functions which in turn overwhelms the child. Traditional wooden toys are softer to touch and have a minimalistic design which makes it easier to grasp. Toys that you can find in major toy shops now can often cause anxiety which will lead the child to feel overwhelmed and shut off faster than they would with a toy that is plain and simple.
  • Toys like building blocks and the abacus teach children to play together and share. This is an important skill that a lot of children struggle with. However, with certain traditional toys, it is encouraged as it makes it more fun.
  • Wooden toys are safer because they don’t tend to have many sharp edges of pieces that can be pulled off. They are also better for the environment when compared with modern plastic toys.
  • Traditional toys such as building blocks and the abacus are educational. While your child may not realise they are learning, they are. So they then form a positive association to the toy and learning because leaning becomes fun.
  • Imagination is triggered with traditional toys because they are so simple. They don’t have lots of button, flashing lights and sound effects. Instead a child takes a wooden toy car for example and imagines that they are on a racing track.Their imagination is left to run free.
  • Due to the toys being made from wood, they are more durable than new toys. This means that your child can enjoy them and then they can be passed on to someone else or even kept for their own future children.


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