Raspberry Republic – a fresh and unique brand that dares to be different

The Polish brand uses organic cotton for their products which are made in Poland. From the selection of their raw materials, to the production of the products, everything is done in Poland and the reason for this is that they want to oversee the entire process in order to ensure their customers that the products they make are produced in an ethical and fair conditions.

Another benefit of being in Poland is that the brand is able to draw inspiration and creativity inspired by the Polish  surroundings. They also incorporate a touch of Scandinavian flavour to create their unique pieces. They are not afraid to mix colours and illustrations on their products which in a way creates their own fashion rules. They tend to throw together colours that other brands won’t mix together which makes them stand out from competitors.

Why we love them

We love Raspberry Republic because they are different and they use that to their advantage. Their styles are bright, quirky and bold. We also love that most of their items tend to be gender neutral. At Little Wren, we like to curate brands that are unisex so the buyer can decide who the product would be great for and Raspberry Republic is one of the brands that does not limit our customers. Think out of the box with your purchases just like Raspberry Republic does in the creation of your wardrobe.

Getting to know Raspberry Republic

Can you tell us the story behind the brand?

The story started with us being very tired of our corporate jobs and wanting to do something on our own, something creative! We have always had an interest in fashion and we identified a potential local niche in Poland for organic clothes of great quality. We launched the brand for the local market but quickly discovered that we have fans and recipients everywhere and that the global market is a much bigger and nicer place than just the local market in Poland. So now we are available in 35 different countries in more than 130 shops worldwide.

What is the most important thing you want customers to know about Raspberry Republic?

That we are a family company run by husband and wife, and we do a little victory dance every time someone buys from us! =) We are also ethically manufactured locally in Poland (not far from our office) which means that all employees working on our clothes are adults, legally hired, which means that they are health insured and receiving a pension contribution. Our prints and style are also very unique because rather than following trends we try to follow our own imagination.

You have a very unique design to your product, how do you choose these designs?

We have tons of ideas, directions and inspirations daily. From this we gather interesting concepts and develop directions for each collection. With our prints we don’t really check what is trendy but create from our own imagination.

Describe Raspberry Republic in 5 words.

Fresh, fun, colorful and in harmony with the dress kids like kids’ mentality

What is it like for you to run a company as a couple while being parents to your children?

It is a very difficult thing to juggle! One of the main ideas of doing what we love and being our own bosses is the freedom that comes with it. If we want to go off with our family somewhere for a few days we don’t have to ask anyone for permission. Of course often you don’t have time to do it but being your own boss allows you to compromise to do more fun stuff with your loved ones!

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as a kids brand?

The huge amount of competition our there! With new great brands popping up like mushrooms and with more established brands doing a fantastic job it is difficult to find your niche and vibe, something that will appeal to your potential customers.

What is the biggest achievement for Raspberry Republic to date?

Being in 35 different countries and in places such as Babyshop, which is the biggest etailer of kids items in Europe while doing everything on our own. That is cool. It feels so nice that people actually love our clothes!

What can we expect from Raspberry Republic in the future?

You can expect the same funny, quirky and fresh style as in the past. We don’t want to change into something we don’t believe in. At the same time it is necessary to change all the time to be an appealing brand: You will see many new experiments, collaborations and concepts while we still keep our core design intact!

This brand is definitely one to watch out for. You can create your very own unique wardrobe by shopping our collection from Raspberry Republic