Hello there! Its Aisha here again with a tip for the parents out there. If you are anything like us, you dread putting your little one to sleep at night. Wren tends to struggle on a night even though we stay in his room till he has drifted off. He has been really clingy lately and seems to get worked up at the thought of us leaving him.

In order to combat this fear we have tried to create a fun but calm bedtime routine. We read books, sing lullabies and then pretend we have fallen asleep in hopes he will copy. The works for the most part but we recently tried something new that seems to have helped.

We introduced a bedside light from A little Lovely Company. Wren has few different light shapes that we place on his bedside table Ghost, Pineapple and Cloud. For some reason he seems to be comforted by these lights. I am not sure if it is the size, the style (who doesn’t love a ghost at bedtime??) or the fact that I refer to them by name and he thinks they are his little friends. It seems having those familiar characters waiting for him at bed time calms him down.



So to tell you a little bit more about these wonderful lights, let me give you the details. They are:

Eco friendly

Child safe

BPA free

Lead free PVC

Soft glow lighting

Timer option

Small size (10.5 x 13x 11 cm)

The lights are made of a lead free PVC material that doesn’t get hot which enables your child to hold the appropriately sized light without burning their hands. This will come in handy if they are scared at night or if they want a light to take with them on their trip to the bathroom through the night. The light has a soft glow which is perfect for bedtime and if they wake up and need to turn it on throughout the night it won’t dazzle them awake. If you choose to use the timer option, the light will automatically turn off after 15 minutes. This is a recommended option as it is better for the environment. The batteries which come included last 20 hours!

A Little Lovely Company has a variety of styles to choose from to suit your child’s interest or the decor in their room. We currently have the mini Ice cream style in this size which is cute with 4 colours to choose from. They are sooooooooo cute! You can go for white if you want to keep it neutral or choose a brighter option for a subtle pop of colour.



We do have a few other lighting options from the brand too. We have the rechargeable night light in the style of a bee or a bat. This is a great option too as it is made from the same material and your little one can remove it from the charging base easily.

We also have a T-rex style light which is a plug in but equally as cute. If you would like a neutral light that is bigger to light the room why not go for the Big Cloud light. Again it does have a chord like the T-Rex light so for safety these are both better as a table lamp.




Why not add a familiar character to your little one’s bedside table. After all, the more they sleep, the more you get done. Happy to help.

With love,

Aisha xx