We have been adding more interior brands recently and the reason for that is… we were asked to! There seems to be a need for cool interiors for kids in Dubai. While there are some amazing brands out there, they seem to be more traditional. Interiors have become somewhat of a trend lately and people want cool things for their kids. That is where we come in.

We have searched for cool, stylish, simple and child friendly items that will allow you to create a unique space for your little one. We have 15 interior brands at Little Wren which gives you plenty to choose from.


Aden and Anais


This is probably our most famous brand (we mostly stock independent brands but loved this one so much we had to add them to the Little Wren Family). They make long lasting children essentials that are multifunctional and just oh so cute!

We used a variety of Aden & Anais products for Wren and they quickly became a staple. Their Muslin cloths can be used for cleaning baby, a burp cloth to keep your clothes clean or a bib. Even though Wren is 2 now, we still have a small stack of muslin cloths for him because they are so useful!

Favourite product: New Beginnings gift set

Why: This is our favourite because it has all of the essentials from the brand which makes a perfect gift to parents-to-be. It features 5 products from Aden & Anais and all of them are fab.

Classic New Beginnings Gift Set by Aden + Anais

A Little Lovely company


This brand offers a mixture of different products that are child friendly. They are cool yet keep that child like element that is guaranteed to add a touch of cute to any room.

Another brand that we personally use in Wren’s nursery. Their little lights are awesome because the lighting is soft and it doesn’t get hot making it safe for little hands. Also,  they are perfect for your little one to use in the night when afraid or to take to the toilet if needed. We will be writing another post on this soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Personal Favourite: Heart Neon Light

Why: We love this because it looks cool in any room. We have one at Little Wren HQ!

Heart Neon Light by A Little Lovely Company

Buddy and Bear


This brand offers stylish tableware for you littles. With a simple monochrome palette, each piece will fit into to your decor easily.

We have used Buddy & Bear in our house since Wren was 6 months old. They are sturdy, durable and a really cute addition. His personal favourite is pictured below!

Personal favourite: Bear Face Tumbler

Why: The Happy Cloud tumbler is fuctional but also very cute and photographable. It is also BPA free, dishwasher and microwave safe too.

Bear Face Tumbler by Buddy and Bear

Done by Deer


This brand is very well known and that is for a good reason, they are awesome! Their designs are child friendly have a soft colour palette. We stock a variety of styles in 3 colour choices.

Personal favourite: Easy grip cutlery set

Why: The soft grip on the spoon make it easy for your littles to hold the cutlery and they have a really cute design. We have 3 colour choices for you and they are also dishwasher safe.

YummyPlus Easy Grip Cutlery Set

Hippy Chick


This brand sells multifunctional items. While our collection is limited, we do hope to add more in future because we love anything that makes parenting easier.

Favourite product: SpaceCot

Why: We love the SpaceCot from Hippy Chick because you can take it anywhere and it only takes 3 seconds to open or close. This item has won 6 awards which tells you that it is amazing. This can be used for play time or for when baby naps. The see through panel will give you peace of mind by enabling you to check on your little one easily.



This brand has natural child friendly items that are sure to add a touch of cute to your child’s room.

Favourite product: Hangers 3-pack 

Why: These hangers are not only cute in design but they are made from FSC certified material which means they are non toxic. That is definitely something you want with a product that you are going to hang your kid’s clothes on. The natural look also fits into any decor style.

loullou's hangers 3-pack

Lucky boy Sunday


This much loved unique brand brings playful characters into your interiors. They combine style and cuteness all in one using colour palettes that are easy on the eye.

Wren hand picked the Bonbon toy for his nursery (pictured below). I think he liked how soft she is and her colours. He calls her “Baby Bonbon”.

Favourite product: Bonbon Rug

Why: Just look at her… CUTE!!!! This rug is adorable but also thick and durable. A great addition to any bedroom.

Mini Kiddo


This British brand offers a variety of prints to suit your interior. Choose a quote to inspire or a hand drawn illustration for a pop of colour to your little one’s room.

Favourite product: Flamingo

Why: We love the Flamingo print because it is so dreamy with a perfect splash of colour. It isn’t over powering despite featuring quite a bold colour.

Olli Ella


This is one of our most popular brands. Olli Ella add a modern twist to traditional designs. Their products are cool and multifunctional. You can use them for storing toys at home or taking them with you on the go.

We have the yellow Luggy at home that is full of Wren’s car toys. The size is great because it holds a lot of the cars which makes tidying up a lot easier for me rather than having to find multiple storage boxes. He loves pulling his Luggy from room to room so he can take his cars with him everywhere (everywhere, including the supermarket!)

Favourite product: Luggy Basket by Olli Ella (in any colour!!)

Why: This product is multifunctional and that is why we love it. It is perfect for days out when your kid doesn’t want to leave those beloved toys behind. The handle and wheels make it easier for children to pull along making days out more fun.

Luggy Basket by Olli Ella

Ooh Noo


This brand takes traditional and makes it fun. Their products are fun and stylish adding a little something special to any room.

Favourite product: Toy Pram

Why: This toy pram is adorable! That’s it. That is why we love it.



This design led brand adds modern to any interior. They design a range of items that have a soft playful design.

Favourite product: The World Rug

Why: We love this rug because of how fun it is. The neutral colours make it easily fit into different decor styles and it adds a educational element while keeping it interesting. Also for each item sold, the brand donates to WWF… How amazing is Oyoy. We love brands that give back.



Pom designs cute wall stickers that are easy to use making it possible to regularly change the look of a room. You can go for a simple colour palette or add a touch of colour with their stickers. A great way to change your child’s room as they age without spending a fortune.

We have used the Pom wall stickers to change up the look in Wren’s nursery a few times. It is a quick and easy solution that doesn’t damage the wall. It takes me 2 seconds to peel one off which means you have a new feature wall within minutes.

Favourite product: Multicolored Polka Dot Wall Stickers

Why: These multicoloured dots add a bit of fun to the room without being too in your face. They are fun and playful which reflects exactly what children are.

Multicolored Polka Dot Wall Stickers



This brand is so popular among parents. Their Snüzpod bedside sleeper offers you the option of co-sleeping with your baby in a safe way. It also limits a mothers need to get up and pick baby up for night time feeds, which can be hard after just giving birth (especially after a c-section or episiotomy).

We bought a Snüzpod before Wren arrived and let me tell you it was the best money we ever spent! It made night time feeds easier and just eased our minds as first time parents to be able to see him while he slept (I used to check he was still breathing about 10 times a night haha). This is definitely the product I recommend to every expectant parent, along with the Babyzen Yoyo.

Favourite product: SnüzPod

Why: Co-sleeping in a safe way that makes Mummy and Daddy’s job easier. What’s not to love?



Another brand that makes redecorating your little one’s room even easier. Stickstay has some adorable designs that are soft in colour making them easy on the eye. They designs give a room that dreamy feel!

Favourite product: Dream Friends (Guaranteed to make you awwwwwwww)

Why: We love the cute way these animal are drawn. A little tiny gang of cute to add to your little one’s room.

The Little Green Sheep


This brand makes the softest organic bedding for your little ones. They use pastel and neutral tones that creates that calm feeling which is necessary to help babies soothe themselves to sleep.

Favourite product: Wild Cotton 3pc bedding set

Why: This is a great set for your little one’s bed because the items are made of 100% organic cotton. The set include 2 fitted sheets and a blanket which we have in 2 colours.

The Little Green Sheep's wild Cotton 3pc Bedding Set


We might be Tiny


This is the coolest brand! We might be Tiny design products that make meal times more fun. Their items are toxic free, non-slip and dishwasher safe. Basically they are going to make eating fun for the kids and cleaning up easier for the parent. Your Welcome !!

We have the placemats for Wren and they are fantastic. He make such a much mess when he is eating but the mess has been reduced since we started using the Placie due to it’s anti-slip material. It also protects the surface underneath which is a great bonus. All the products from this brands are so easy and quick to clean. Which in my book is a WIN.

Favourite product: Cat Snackies 

Why: Functional, dishwasher safe and toxic free. All the goodness for your children rolled into a cute design.  Although the cat style is our favourite, we do have other animal options too.

We Might Be Tiny's Cat Snackies


I hope you have found this helpful. I would love to know if they are any brands you would recommend trying or would like for us to add the the Little Wren family. We love getting suggestions and tips.


With love,