Little Wren wishes you Happy Holidays!

The festive season is finally here and we couldn’t be more excited! The holidays are always more fun when celebrated with family. The holidays are especially fun for parents, nothing beats seeing the joy in your kids eyes when they open their Christmas gifts. Are you ready to spoil your babies with Little Wren?

We are excited to share our top five picks from some of our favorite brands for gifts under the Christmas tree this year.


Wobbel board

AED 690


The Wobble Board is the ultimate gift to spark your kids imagination, with a little bit of creativity the Wobble Board could be a bridge, a rocker, a see-saw and much more! It’s the perfect gift for your kids as it encourages them to use their imagination, the possibilities are endless!



Fox rider- Yellow

AED 668

The ultimate cool tricycle for your little babe and a décor item to add a pop of color around the house. There is no other trike like it so let your kid stand out with Fox Rider! Riding around the neighborhood with all their friends just more interesting, this tricycle is squad goals for sure! Now available on the Little Wren website in different colors and a limited edition in bright yellow. These tricycles are cool, eye catching and a must have for the cool kids on the block!



Luggy- Pink

AED 235

This adorable basket is an ideal take along no matter the adventure! The wheels make it super easy to carry anything from their favorite stuffed animal to groceries without any hassle but all the fun. The basket is an international best seller and could be used to store just about anything even plants! Your little babes never have to leave the house again without their treasured items.



Neon heart and bolt

AED 180

Our collection of Neon lights from A Lovely Little Company are an absolute hit! Now available on the Little Wren website the cute neon heart light and the bolt are a must have.

Ps. keep your eyes peeled for the Neon Peace Sign coming to Little Wren website soon. Bright and colorful these neon lights are a stylish addition to any bedroom.



Little Gorby

AED 160

What kid doesn’t love a fluffy little cuddle toy and this one is our favorite. Little Gorby is super soft, snuggly and oh so cute!